Claudia Machado Cooke, MD, FACP, MPH  |  Health Through Understanding

Travel Medicine

Travel medicine is the preparation of travelers for health maintenance and disease prevention for foreign or wilderness travel.

Conventionally, it is thought of chiefly as the application of immunizations indicated for travel to specific regions of the globe, and “packaging” of remedies (antibiotics, antimalarials, antidiarrheals, etc.) for possible health care challenges during travel.

Dr. Cooke, an affiliate of Travel Clinics of America (, will provide conventional travel services, as well as integrative preventive strategies to minimize your disease risk during travel. Whether doing UN relief work in high risk zones, or trekking in the Himalaya, many of her patients will attest to the benefits they achieved from following her simple instructions. One UN worker reported that she was the only one in her group who didn’t get sick during 6 months in Kosovo. Another fellow was the only one to escape illness during several weeks trekking in Nepal.



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